Tunnel oven

with the special infrared STIR® for tunnel ovens on the basis of domestic gas, domestic fuel oil, electric energy or heat transfer oil for great quantities of pastries of the same kind for the industrial large-scale production with high demand on high standards of quality and freshness.

Top quality for: Bread, rolls, croissants, baguettes, pizza, pita bread, pastries, pretzels, pre-baked products

  • Mouth-watering appearance – excellent taste
  • Optimal moisture – longer-lasting freshness
  • Higher nutrient and vitamin content – fewer contaminants

Energy saving: approx. 15 to 30%, depending on whether STIR® design is used, and on the baked products and oven management
Average reduction of baking losses by 2%, depending on the baked products and oven management

Reduction of the baking time by 15 to 45% (depending on: Equipment with STIR®, design, baking products and oven management)

  • Higher flexibility and time buffer for the baker
  • Greater capacity with the same system size
  • Shorter and less expensive oven with the same capacity!

Usage: STIR® tunnel ovens are successfully used in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia, Spain, Germany and Israel; a first STIR® pizza line is in operation in Great Britain.

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