The energy emitted is absorbed in the resonance range in the radiated good: Compared with standard thermal processing of pastries and foodstuffs with convection heat and classic infrared, STIR® is more effective as the energy is largely transferred in the resonance range. Thus, we offer you the ideal infrared solution for a wide range of pastries and foodstuffs for thermal processing, with customised benefits in terms of energy efficiency and processing time.

Baking with STIR®


Infrared emitters with STIR® cause the infrared heat to infiltrate the core of the bakery product more rapidly.

Thus the required core temperature and the stabilization of the crumb are achieved more quickly.

More moisture is retained in the baked product, which has a positive effect on its freshness, taste and shelf life.

As the initial quality is better, it is possible to bake bread, rolls etc. with either a soft or a crisp crust, as required, during the second baking phase.


Baked goods of the highest quality

Bread, rolls, cakes and pastries, pizza and snacks

  • delicious looking
  • excellent taste
  • optimum moisture
  • longer lasting freshness
  • Higher nutritional and vitamin content – less harmful substances

Shorter Baking times

Reduction of baking times of 25 to50%, depending on baking products (for tunnel ovens from 15 to 45%)

  • More flexibility and buffer time for the baker
  • Higher capacity for the same size of oven
  • for the same capacity of pastries, the oven is shorter and therefore more cost-effective (for tunnel ovens)

Less energy consumption

Energy savings of 15 to 20%, depending on furnace practice and bakery products (for tunnel ovens even up to 30%)

Less baking losses

  • 2 to 7% depending on the pastries
  • Saving of flour and baking ingredients

Avail yourself of the benefits of STIR®-baking

Already some hundreds of bakeries in Germany and other European countries are yet backing successfully with STIR®-oven and are stoked by quality and advantages.

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