• Rack ovens
  • Shop ovens
  • deck ovens
  • tunnel ovens for classical pastries
  • tunnel ovens for pizza

STIR® tubular heating elements

  • Length, diameter and bending radius: on request
  • Active length: max. 4 m
  • Actual power output: Depending on length
  • Nominal voltage: max. 480 V
  • Fitting position: optional
  • Flange on customer needs
  • Electrotechnical connector: M4 or single conductor (depends on customer needs)

(Sheet-) coating with special functional ceramics

  • Coating of blank sheets, perforated sheets, radiators, ...
  • Preferably steel- or stainless steel sheets (other materials on request)
  • Max. 2700x1800 mm (other dimensions on request)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fitting position: optional

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