Baking with infrared STIR®

for manufacturer of ovens on the basis of domestic gas, domestic fuel oil, electric energy or heat transfer oil with high demand on high standards of quality and freshness. 

With STIR®-baking-technology, the infrared heat infiltrates to the core of the baking product faster and the core temperature of 97°C is reached sooner. This allows the first baking phase – starch agglutination and the formation of a fine, flexible crumb – to be completed faster. The baked product retains more moisture, which has a positive effect on the freshness, taste and shelf life. The second baking phase is not significantly different to standard baking.

The overall baking process is not only faster but also the raw materials and nutrients used in the dough are treated more gently.

STIR®-heater are more efficient!

One of the most important facts for the user is the energy efficiency. This is defined by the effectiveness and describes the relation between input and output of power respectively energy. In the case of infrared heaters the efficiency of the radiated power is the determining factor.

The company IBT InfraBioTech GmbH has had measurements performed by KIT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie. They have been measured different STIR®-heaters in comparison to other commercially available ir-heater. In the graphic below is shown: STIR®-heater are more efficient!

Sources and comments:
(2) Analysis  of the WTD of the Bundeswehr Meppen: "Spectral measurements and  emissions performance in the wavelengths range of  2 - 14 µm with blackbody emitter-calibration"
(6) ɛ = 1 black body (100 %) : λ (3µm) = ƒ (700 °C)
(optimal wavelength for the absorption of water molecules)

Comparison of energy consumption with infrared STIR® vs. classic baking oven

Source: IGV (Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH), Bergholz-Rehbrücke

  • Baking of 1000 g raw dough pieces (converted from weight for 30 raw dough pieces, 1800 g)
  • Rolls, initial mass weight á 60 g
  • The energy values refer to the total baking process.
  • The energy values are average values.


 Deck oven classicDeck oven STIR®
Energy consumption per kg initial mass weight [Wh]550450
Energy saving [%] 18
Baking time [min]1713
Time saving [%] 26

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