Baking ovens in handcraft

with the special infrared STIR® for commercial deck ovens and rack ovens on the basis of domestic gas, domestic fuel oil, electric energy as well as electric shop ovens.

Top quality for: Bread, rolls, cakes and pastries, pizza, snacks

  • Excellent taste
  • Ideal moisture
  • Longer-lasting freshness
  • Higher nutrient and vitamin content

Shorter baking times: 25 to 50%, depending on the baking product

  • 33% for mixed bread, 35% for rolls, 42% for cake in deck ovens
  • More flexibility and time reserves for the baker
  • Greater capacity with the same oven size

Energy saving: approx. 15 to 20% depending on the baking product and oven management

Fewer baking losses: 2 to 7%, depending on the baking product


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