Company Aasted DFT

The first STIR®- Pizza line of the Danish company Aasted DFT for prebaking of pizza has been started up in Great Britain in 2010. The 28 meters long oven is heated by electric energy.  “Since a couple of month the first pizza oven of the company Aasted DFT, that is equipped with flagstones and  STIR®-technology, runs in Great Britain. The prebaking time shortens considerably.”

application/pdf Brot + Backwaren 1/2011, S. 20 f, „Schneller Pizza backen“ (1.0 MB)

M-Market in Lucenec


The Czech company J4 s.r.o. manufactures tunnel ovens with STIR®-technology since 2004. STIR®-tunnel ovens are already successfully on duty in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belorussia, Moldavia, Spain, Germany and Israel. The CEO of M-Market in Lucenec, Slovakia about his experiences with the gas-heated STIR®-wire-mesh-oven for baking croissants: “The quality is surprisingly good. Higher standard of freshness caused by the reduction of baking loss from 21% to 17%, larger baking products, finer crumb and especially a better taste – we are very pleased with these results; we never had such a good quality before.”

Wachtel GmbH & Co.

The company Wachtel GmbH & Co. manufactures STIR®-deck baking oven and rack ovens. Further oven manufacturers are in progress.

“As the application of the infrared technology STIR® has been limited for rack ovens with radiant heat, the company Wachtel managed it with the patented Compact K STIR® for the first time to combine the systems of convection heat and radiant heat in a rack oven. Thereby this oven provides all benefits that are already known from the deck ovens with STIR®, which means better product quality, longer lasting freshness and up to 30% shorter backing times.”
Source: DBZ magazine, edition 11, Nov. 2012, page 86

Baker with STIR® experience
Master Baker Ronny Nestler, Geising GERMANY: „I opened my bakery in Geising/Erzgebirge in December 2006 and decided for my new acquisition in favour of a STIR®-oven of the Pulsnitzer company Wachtel. With this oven I am baking, e. g. rye mixed bread in 45 instead of the conventional 60 minutes and for difficult cake types (e. g. egg custard cake, sour cream cake, poppy-seed cake, etc.) the baking time has halved. Due to this faster baking technology I could save the acquisition of a stove and also save energy costs, as I am able to switch off the oven rather soon.

My clients do appreciate about STIR®-baked bread its two days longer freshness in comparison to conventional baked bread. But also with rolls and cakes the quality relating to freshness is considerably better.”
Source: DBZ magazine, edition 4, May 2007, page 34 ff

Wiesheu GmbH

Tradition meets modern technology!

The company Wiesheu GmbH, rich in tradition for baking oven construction, manufactures STIR®-shop ovens. According to the STIR®-coating inside the baking chamber, the infrared-radiation is radically strengthened in comparison to conventional ovens. The core temperature of 97°C is already reached after 3-4 minutes. This first part of the baking process is the major determining advantage of baking with STIR®-technology. Furthermore the baking time can be reduced from 20 minutes up to 13 minutes by STIR®. An energy saving of up to 20% is possible.

further references

  • Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG
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  • Werner & Pfleiderer
  • GBT – German Bakery Technology

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  • 2003 – „IBA Trophy für STIR®-Backtechnologie“
  • 2009 – „IBA Trophy für innovative Leistung im Bäckerhandwerk“

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